“ I’m so grateful for the incredible support I have received from my post-partum doula through Mothers Empowering Mothers. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but I soon found out that anything and everything I needed help with would get done. Help with cleaning meant that I could spend quality time with my baby and toddler instead vacuuming or doing laundry and dishes. The cooking and baking meant I didn’t have to think about what to make for dinner and had quick and nourishing food to eat while breastfeeding. The cuddles with my baby while I took a bath or went out to run errands or get a much needed massage meant I could count on that time to take care of myself. I really appreciated the little things she noticed, like filling up my water bottle if it was getting low, or making my toddlers bed and organizing her books and toys. Sometimes it was just as simple as sitting down on the couch and having an adult conversation with each other. Knowing she understood what I’ve gone through as a mother was so comforting. She offered advice if I asked, never judged my choices, and was always so supportive of my journey. She would check on my mental health and seemed to care a lot more about my answers than any doctor or nurse that had asked the same questions. I don’t have a lot of family close by that I can get help from and my husband often works long hours or out of town. This service has made me feel so much less alone. The women at Mothers Empowering Mothers are angels on earth, they are so busy with their own lives and children, but they find time and give so generously to help others. “ 
Camille S