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Support Groups & Private Support

What do we do?
We believe that no one treatment looks the same and varies from woman to woman. We have resources on pharmaceutical treatments and holistic treatments. 
What does this mean?
It means there is focus on treating yourself from within, instead of masking the symptoms with a multitude of methods that works for you. It encompasses the whole individual. It means some women find benefits and balance in holistic and pharmaceutical treatments. This could mean incorporating exercise, float therapy, as well as a prescription treatment plan. 
Postpartum treatment varies for each individual. Sometimes this includes pharmaceutical treatments, holistic treatments or a combination of both. Western medicine has saved thousands of lives; we are lucky to live in a time where we have these options available to us. Alternative treatments can help heal us from the inside. Finding a treatment plan that works for you can take time. There has been an abundance of studies done in alternative holistic treatments that have proven to be beneficial to those suffering from perinatal mood disorders.

Mothers Empowering Mothers is determined to bring back the village to women. We know that when women are supported in birth, and through the postpartum period they mentally, emotionally, and physically do better. We run a free (donations welcome) monthly support group for mothers in a holistic, peaceful setting such as a yoga studio or serene environment. We're a drop in group, here for you when you need us. We do not require you to pre-register or fill out any questionnaires.Our volunteers range from doulas, nurses, phychiatrists, stay at home moms who all have experienced perinatal mood disorders and come out on the other side. Our mentors are also available 24/7 by phone, text, e-mail and our facebook page messenger for mothers that are suffering.