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Labor & Birth Doula
What is a Certified Labor Doula? What do they do?

Mothers Empowering Mothers offer Certified Labor Doulas. Labor doulas offer evidence-based information in all things birth. They fill the important roll of offering physical, mental, and emotional support. When women and families are supported in birth with up to date information on physiological normal birth, studies have shown us women do better in their postpartum period by significantly reducing the incidence of postpartum mood disorders. Birth is about who a woman is, who she will become, it defines her innate wisdom in trusting her body to do what is needs to do. Birth will unravel her to her most raw, primal being, as it powerfully and gently whispers to remind her of what women have been doing since the beginning of time. Women then feel empowered and liberated in making the best decision for their baby and their birth. As long as women are presented with all the information and up to date facts of interventions and augmentations, only then can a woman positively make the best decision for her birth and her baby. A doula has done her job when the birthing woman has made informed choices for her labor and birth. It doesn't matter if its a hospital birth, a home birth, with interventions or without, our job is done when women are supported and presented with all the information. 

Mothers Empowering Mothers doulas are certified and trained. Their passion lies with serving women, and mothering the mothers. They have innate knowledge in all things birth and maternal health. 

Science tells us, that having a Doula reduces your chances of;


  • Decreased use of Pitocin by 31%

  • Decreased the chance of a C-Section by 28%

  • Decreased chance of pain management with drugs by 10%

  • Decreased chance in being dissatisfied with ones birth experience by 34%

Having a Doula also shortens your labour, decreases fear and anxiety, higher maternal and partner satisfaction, reduces the use or vacuum and forceps, lower cesarean rates, improves communication with your medical team, higher success rates of breastfeeding, continuous support into your postpartum period. 

Services include:
- Normal physiological birth education and resources

-Up to date on hospital polices
- Intervention education (side effects of all interventions and augmentations)
- Physical & emotional support for birthing woman and partner(s)
- On-call labour/birth services
- Immediate postpartum visits

-Lactation Support and education
- Local resources

Mothers Empowering Mothers Certified Doulas and Postpartum Doulas offer different services to meet the needs of all families in the community. These services range from Certfied Bereavement Support, Holding space certificates, Acupressure treatments, breastfeeding education,lactation support, herbal supplement education and more. Information presented to mothers and families are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a properly licensed health care professional. We provide education, guidance, and peer support.